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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Outdoor Painting - Kuching Waterfront

I went back to Kuching during the Christmas-New Year holidays hoping to paint as many plein aires as I can... and guess how many I managed to paint? 10? 5? No, just ONE! :D

Hey, don't blame me! It's the monsoon season and it practically rained every single day when I was there. But fortunately, I managed to paint this one on 28 Dec. So, this is my last piece of painting for the just concluded Year 2006.

The locale is the Kuching Waterfront along the bank of Sarawak River. I arrived slightly after 9.00am and proceeded to find a shaded spot to paint this scene.

Here's the location pic. Some of you may remember this place as it has been featured in my past paintings but at different spot and angle.

...and this is the finished painting.

Kuching Waterfront (11" x 15")

It's a quarter sheet painted in 2.5 hours with Winsor & Newton, M.Graham, Rembrandt, Schmincke and Old Holland Artists Watercolour paints.

Hope you like it. Critiques and comments are welcome as usual.

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  • Sold... to an avid art collector in Singapore together with 2 other paintings... thanks, Mr. Paul Lee

    By Blogger watercolourdude, At 7:09 PM  

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