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Friday, November 30, 2007

Another plein air - Emerald Hill, Singapore

Together with an artist friend, we went to paint plein air again last Sunday

This is another location that I've painted many times. The most recent one which i did more than half a year ago was a quarter sheet plein air and it was snapped up at the first listing on eBay.

The weather was perfect today and the strong sunshine is casting fabulous shadows all over the place, although it may not be visible from the location pic I took using my camera phone below.

Here's the finished painting... half sheet of Fabriano Artistico, painted with W&N, Rembrandt, Schmincke, M.Graham and Holbein Artist Grade watercolour paints.

The foreground is my own use of "artistic license" as I felt the road is too empty, so I added the foliage... not sure if it works well but anyway... guess what?!! A guy who came over to watch us paint, decided to buy both our paintings. This place is beginning to turn into my favourite hunting ground now.... or so I thought...

You see, he was so interested in our paintings but didn't have enough cash with him, so he told us to deliver them to him the next day, and he will have the money to pay us, so we gave him our namecards and left with our paintings. However, he sent me an e-mail the next day...

I've decided against buying the paintings.
Thanks anyway."

Just like that, our hopes are gone! Looking at his address, he's staying on the top floor (penthouse?) of a posh condominium in town... So, I think financially, he should be very well-off and able to afford the paintings... but who knows? may be the wife said no..... oh well... better luck next time.

Anyway, critiques and comments on the painting are welcome as usual.

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